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The Best Gastronomy Of Baja

Baja California is an extensive Mexican territory that is located right on the upper arm of the territory, in this part of the Mexican Republic is the famous Baja Med, food originating from this state that has become popular in recent years due to the fusion of different ingredients that generate innovative flavors and exquisite for the most demanding palate. Among the cities and municipalities belonging to this territory we highlight:

Tijuana, multicultural city that is part of the state of Baja California, initial point of the Mexican Republic. It is the busiest border city and definitely the main state with the highest production of artisan beer. Tijuana is a young city full of history, in the 50s it was a meeting place for American artists. Although it is constantly growing, one of its main characteristics is its gastronomy, where different ingredients merge to create its exquisite culinary art.

Of the most popular dishes are:

  • Tacos- It is said among Mexicans that the best tacos are those of Tijuana and the variety they have is amazing. This food has its own style, where the tortilla is folded into a cone shape so the ingredients don’t fall off and you can enjoy a mouthful of all the flavors.
  • Quesataco- It is a variety of the rich tacos, where the best flavors, tortilla, cheese and the filling of the taco are fused. You can accompany it with different vegetables and sauces.
  • Burritos and hot dogs- Definitely in Tijuana the best burritos and hot dogs are made; various establishments and food trucks take this typical food to another level, combining ideal ingredients that, when tested, make an explosion of flavor in the mouth.
  • Cesar Salad- It was here that this famous and delicious salad was born. Made with pieces of fresh lettuce, chicken and its typical dressing based on egg, parmesan cheese and olive oil. Another exquisite of the city.

Rosarito is the municipality after Tijuana and is the perfect place to visit if you enjoy surfing or if you like the nightlife. Rosarito’s food par excellence is lobster, prepared with different spices and fried with a little butter. It is usually accompanied with tortillas and beans.

Ensenada, located about 40 minutes from the border city of Tijuana, is a perfect place where you can enjoy various tourist spots, relaxation areas and contact with nature, party nights and a wide variety of foods and drinks typical of this beautiful municipality. Definitely Ensenada’s gastronomy is characterized by its varied flavors that combine the best of the Mexican touch with the best products of the sea. Its exquisite dishes are proof that different ingredients can be combined and fused into one to have a meal par excellence.

  • Fish tacos have been the best food option for those who love tacos and this perfect combination of tortilla, fried fish and its sauce accompanied by vegetables is without a doubt one of the favorite dishes of tourists and residents of Ensenada.
  • Sea Urchin Toast- If extravagance is spoken of, there is no doubt that you must visit La Guerrerense. It is a very popular place due to the delicious food they offer and their striking dishes. And among its best sellers is sea urchin toast, accompanied by its varied sauces.
  • Margaritas- Although it is not a meal, it is a specialty that you should not ignore when you visit Ensenada; among the local people it is said that it was here in this municipality where this famous drink was born in 1938.
  • Wines- Another typical drink of this region is wine, where you can find the best wine houses in the Mexican Republic, where 90% of Mexican wines come from this area.
  • Be part of this culinary art and enjoy every day the exquisite dishes offered by the state. Look for a house for rent in Baja and continue to enjoy everything Baja California has to offer.