MISSION-E by Kieron Seamons

Book Review : MISSION-E

By Kieron Seamons

  • Publication Date: 2015-06-12
  • Genre: Education

Book Review

Emily meets the hyena. He seems the happiest animal she has ever met but very soon the laughing begins to drive everyone crazy. It seems as the more trouble he causes, he laughs more and more and the police are called into track down the laughing menace. How can Emily educate the whole town that laughter is a beautiful thing ! 


'MISSING-E ' by Kieron Seamons, is a beautiful concept for fun and education. Learn about the animal world, with fun adventures, set in a very striking visual style. E stands for EMILY and the show takes us through Emily's dreamy adventure to find the perfect animal, but the reality of the animal takes her on a very unexpected and comical adventure beyond her wildest dreams. This is a truly beautiful way to show children the importance of the animal world, through laughter. A modern classic !" 

'MISSION-E' is already an award winning animation show, winning the 'Shanghai Animation Festival Award' and a 'Golden Panda Award’

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