A Long Reach by Michael Stone

Book Review : A Long Reach

By Michael Stone

  • Publication Date: 2014-09-04
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers

Book Review

"Tough, authentic, and right on the money." - Robert B. Parker 


The Denver Streets Belong to Streeter 

Bounty hunter Streeter is a string of ex’s… ex-linebacker, ex-accountant, ex-bouncer, and a four-time ex-husband … who excels at exacting justice… with explosive results. 

“One of the best…an entertaining series building on the traditions of the hard-boiled genre just enough to have a hell of a lot of fun with them,” Thrilling Detective 
A psychotic felon is released from prison on a technicality and vows to kill everyone he blames for his imprisonment…saving his defense attorney, Streeter’s ex-fiance, for last, taunting her with each gruesome death. Streeter is in a race-against-time to hunt down the vicious killer -- but he can’t shake the feeling that his old lover is playing a deadly game of her own. 

"Authentic action, in-depth characterization, and a nerve-wracking, cat-and-mouse plot make this a winner." – Library Journal

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User Reviews

  • A Long Reach

    By Old Pump Guy
    2nd of a series about bounty hunter "Streeter", is full of action and reminds me, in a way of some of the old classic Crime novels and maybe a little bit of Jack Reacher.v Set in Denver puts these in an area not often touched by other novelists. Uses the locale beautifully with tie ins to the Broncos and the troublesome airport. My only real criticism has to do with the authors automotive knowledge. He keeps referring to Street's car as a Buick Belvedere. Only Plymouth ever made that model and own the rights. Also, he talked about his partner's car; a Lincoln Mk IV as having 4 doors and rear windows that rolled down enough to stick your head out. All Mk IVs are two door models with teeny tiny rear windows that not even a pet dog could stick their head out. But hey, both were great stories and I am about to start the next in the series.