Because of A Woman by Malanda Jean-Claude

Book Review : Because of A Woman

By Malanda Jean-Claude

  • Publication Date: 2015-09-21
  • Genre: Poetry
5 Score: 5 (From 249 Ratings)

Book Review

In Because of a Woman, Malanda struggles with vulnerability and fights love at every angle due to the failure to reciprocate. His fear of commitment doesn’t allow him to settle in one place until he loses everything. 

Whether it’s lost love, finding yourself or seeking companionship in lonely places ― this is for you.

Delivered with witty metaphors, Malanda allows for his readers to embark on a journey with him. Every page is a layer of truth as he fights to understand himself and his counterparts, redefining what it is to be a man in a ‘stoic-male’ society.

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User Reviews

  • Incredible

    By Mr.Dumercy
    Incredibly creative and a work of art with a concrete theme that takes you around the 🌎
  • Home

    By iXynth
    Malanda' swords will force you home, in a manner you'd forgotten. You'll remember yourself through his words, you'll be amazed that you'd forgotten yourself. You'll be glad 😁 You're home. Thank you Malanda 🌹
  • Outstanding

    By Blaminicanlte
    Beautifully written. All that needs to be said.
  • Because of Women

    By GeraldleselyMoore
    This book spoke to me on extremely high levels and I've been lucky enough to have friends that I could share this with: thank you for the experience. Twitter; @Signedbylesely
  • Thank you

    By JayLove14
    Thank you for a sharing pieces of you with us. You are beyond words that can be expressed, thank you.
  • Worth every single penny!

    By M_urungi
    I barely have words to describe how great this book is. It captivated my soul! I love it, thank you Malanda.
  • Thank you

    By Jessica Iman
    I am learning to face fears with this book, and accept things for what they are. But also, working toward what they could be. This is strictly for the writers, hell any creative. I wouldn't have understood this book two years ago when I wanted to read it. Thank you.
  • Because Of A Woman

    By Unique Davey
    this book was helpful, and enlighting. I was so intuned with the authors thoughts I felt every word he wrote. Reading it again!
  • ❤️️

    By Nik1510
    One of the best books I've ever read. It brought a lot of thought and emotion that I appreciated... a lot. The book literally took forever to finish because I literally had to prepare myself for the emotions I was going to feel. I laughed a little, cried. Once you start reading it is hard to stop. I've never screenshot, bookmarked, and highlighted so much in my life. It made things, especially in love, make more sense and see things from a different perspective. I loved it. I'll read it again.
  • Because of a woman

    By Alexa3650
    I'm so in love with this book. It's amazing, the best book I've ever read.