Teaching from Infancy: French by Dara Papa

Book Review : Teaching from Infancy: French

By Dara Papa

  • Publication Date: 2015-10-22
  • Genre: Kids
5 Score: 5 (From 8 Ratings)

Book Review

We believe every child deserves to have the best life possible. We also believe that training children early in life is the best way, period. Why not help your child develop skills that will help them throughout their life? 

This book is an easy to use guide to help teach your child everything from language skills to social skills. This book is one in a series called Teaching From Infancy (TFI) that is forward thinking and teaches intuitive learning. Why do this? Simply put, because it does work. Children are able to learn more the earlier you start teaching them. TFI books helps you do just that. This book focuses on teaching French and English language skills along with so much more.

Some highlights:
Fast - The book will keep your child engaged. Since learning will occur at a nice pace, the book will not lose your child's attention.

Intuitive - You will quickly see how the book operates and be able to enjoy the learning experience together with your child.

Finger friendly - The large buttons allow your child to directly be involved in the learning experience. It also impresses upon your child more deeply the things they are learning while exercising their fine motor skills.

Easy – The book is easy to use, so in time your child will be able to use the book even without requiring adult interaction.  We do encourage adult interaction, as this will bring the greatest long-term benefits.

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User Reviews

  • Amazing

    By Jonathan DeMartino
    Such a valuable learning tool for little ones. Interactive, easy to use and colorful. A fresh approach to learning.
  • Incredible

    By T_thaqi
    This book is so much fun! Super engaging! Kids won't even know they are learning!!! The videos for the animals are just an added bonus to this already amazing book!
  • WOW!

    By Amazing teaching tool
    WOW,what a great surprise! My granddaughter loved every section and we replayed the videos over and over again. The pictures were another pleasant surprise. Just wait and see. The format is so easy to follow that even my friend's toddler was able to navigate each screen. This book is so different from any other I have seen, the videos are so engaging for little minds. I can actually say that I won't mind reading this one every night.