Stumbling Along by Laurie Yost

Book Review : Stumbling Along

By Laurie Yost

  • Publication Date: 2015-10-23
  • Genre: Christianity

Book Review

Have you ever felt that your life was one big episode of Candid Camera? Having found herself in many Candid Camera style situations, Laurie relays these funny stories in quick, easy-to-read, short chapters about her real life moments.

Stumbling Along will make you laugh until you cry, squirm with embarrassment, or cringe from the awkwardness of the circumstances in which Laurie finds herself. Whether its being stopped by the Mexican police or unknowingly speaking risqu words in Spanish to a Mexican pastor, you are bound to crack a smile at her quick-witted humor.

Laurie will take the themes from her anecdotes and biblically challenge us to practical, life applications. We can have a sense of humor and still live a genuine Christian life. Laurie will give you permission to laugh. If youve been void of laughter in your life then today is the day to begin laughing again.

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