Digital Context 2.0 by David Norton

Book Review : Digital Context 2.0

By David Norton

  • Publication Date: 2015-01-06
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales

Book Review

We are in the midst of yet another shift in business models because of digital. This time the force for change is not mobility; it’s data and the Internet of Things. The more devices that connect to each other, the more digital creates a personal ecosystem, called Digital Context. Digital Context is as distinct a shift in business strategy from omni-channel as omni-channel was from the first multi-channel business models of the mid 90s. Companies need strategies grounded in consumer behavior to guide the development of business models, brand experiences, and customer journey thinking. Based on two years of in-depth research on consumers, Digital Context 2.0, provides seven lessons on how to prepare your business for the next wave of technologies—and make your customers happier.

David W. Norton, founder of the Digital Consumer Collaborative, walks you through seven key lessons gleaned from intensive research on people’s reactions to wearables, smart cars, smart homes, retail, travel, and content as they are likely to be experienced in the near future. Each lesson focuses on different challenges that companies will face. Drawing on insights in the way that consumers hire solutions to get jobs done and shifts in attitudes toward sharing data and brand loyalty, this book provides provocative ideas on how to think about value proposition design, content strategy, data analytics, and experience design.

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