Sessions by E. Victoria

Book Review : Sessions

By E. Victoria

  • Publication Date: 2016-04-15
  • Genre: Classics

Book Review

Eden Victoria (a.k.a Vickie) has come to the realization that no matter how far you run you cant escape your past. Whether we choose to believe it or not, our paths have already been designated for our journey through life. After making the decision to move down south, Ms. Night experiences a roller coaster of events which has her second guesting her decisions. After moving back to her home town of Indianapolis, she is confronted with some of the same negative infractions shes ran from for more than half of her life. She can no longer ignore her past when a situation between her and her mother forces her to uncover the very demons she has fought so hard to burry away in her closet. Witness Edens journey as she discovers who she is and how she became to be while exposing her life and discovering her real self in these mandatory sessions.

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