Her Mother's love by Sha Cole

Book Review : Her Mother's love

By Sha Cole

  • Publication Date: 2016-03-05
  • Genre: African American
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 49 Ratings)

Book Review

Shuntay Phillips is a seventeen year old senior dealing with the loss of her father from a car accident. She is slowly trying to put her life back together, but now that her father was gone that left a huge void in her life; not to mention leaving her with her now abusive mother. At times; this made her depressed and feel as if she was alone, with no real family. The only other person she felt was really there for her besides her best friend and her family; was her dad's lawyer Bill Williams. For some reason he always went above and beyond for her. 

As her 18th birthday is approaching, her mother's behavior changes. This gives Shuntay hope, that maybe they can have the type of relationship she wants with her mother. Unforeseen events; has Shuntay leaning on her new boyfriend, but she's unsure of how much to tell him, not wanting to burden him with her problems. 

While getting closer to her new boyfriend and prom around the corner she spends less time worrying about her mother. Finally something she can get excited about; an evening with her boyfriend and her best friend. A few days before prom unexpected events that Shuntay never saw coming occurs, landing her in the hospital critically injured. As Shuntay lie in her hospital bed everyone is questioning why would someone hurt her? When a secret no one was prepared for was revealed leaving everyone shocked, but the real question was how will Shuntay handle this life changing information?

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User Reviews

  • A Mother's Love

    By Vikki_franklin
    Very good book
  • Her mothers love.

    By Havennonearth
    Please tell me there's more to the story