Midland Refugee by Elle Thorne

Book Review : Midland Refugee

By Elle Thorne

  • Publication Date: 2016-06-05
  • Genre: Paranormal

Book Review

She's a former concubine with desires that she wasn't raised to cope with. 

Asazi concubine Taya grew up in an asexual society. She's escaped from being in Saraz's harem, but doesn't know what to think about sex or men. 

The icing on the cake? 

She finds herself attracted to a Kormic warrior--one of the Asazi blood-sworn enemy. Worse, she's in the Farlands, surrounded by Kormic, staying in their midst, and shocked by their cultural--especially sexual--differences. She is not certain she can comply with their traditions. 

He's a warrior that's done with love. 

Barz is a Kormic warrior who's given up on love--and women. The last thing he wants to do is have feelings for the Asazi ex-concubine with the red hair, flashing blue eyes, and shimmering skin that betrays her desire. 

Tradition dictates that he has to share her with his brother. 

He's over the whole sharing thing. 

Both Taya and Barz, the ex-concubine and the warrior, are staying with Finn and Marissa, stuck on Finn's home planet, waiting for Saraz to create a portal that leads to Earth. Except Saraz won't create it until Marissa gives birth to the child Saraz claims has been prophesied. 

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