The Fit Mum Formula by Pollyanna Hale

Book Review : The Fit Mum Formula

By Pollyanna Hale

  • Publication Date: 2017-01-13
  • Genre: Health & Fitness

Book Review

Mums – are you fed up of complicated meal plans, time-consuming recipes and inflexible exercise plans that just don’t fit into your busy Mum-life?

Did you ever wish there was a weight-loss plan that took into account the unique challenges of your busy and stressful Mum-life (that most trainers don’t understand)?

I’m giving you the opportunity to learn all my inside tricks and secrets as to how I manage to stay slim, healthy, strong and have tonnes of energy (most of the time!) ...  even when the kids keep me up at night ...

There’s absolutely no ‘fluff’ here. Just the real, scientifically backed systems I use every day in my own life. They’re not hard. They’re not time consuming. But they DO work.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover:
The reason all diets work, but only temporarily (and what you can do instead) Why Mums find losing weight harder than other people do (and how to overcome this) The 5 most important factors you need in your life to reach your goals and stay there How to throw together a healthy meal in 5 minutes, using only what’s in your fridge Why exercising every day is, in fact, a bad idea (and what to do instead) The mindset hacks that are essential to transforming your attitude, actions and body
Get off the diet train for good; learn how to put yourself first for a change; and become a happier, healthier, more confident Mum.

Let’s hear it from the Mums:

“I definitely have got the kick start that I’ve needed and I’ve started eating more thoughtfully. I’m now very aware that I’m eating to fuel my body and lifestyle that I want to live!” Karen, Step-Mum to grown-up kids and Pole school owner

“I lost inches and felt much healthier and stronger in myself. I feel I already know much more about how to lead a healthy sustainable lifestyle.” Caroline, Mum of two pre-schoolers

“I’ve learned so much from Pollyanna Hale – you’ve made me actually hear the advice rather than me just vacantly nodding – it’s been all about planning this week – I’m much less hungry and eat less and better when it’s a well planned and prepped day.” Isabel, Mum to three school age kids

This book is for YOU, Mum!

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