Under Cuba by Chap Harper

Book Review : Under Cuba

By Chap Harper

  • Publication Date: 2017-06-01
  • Genre: Action & Adventure

Book Review

After watching Cuban rebel forces clamp down on the dictator Batista, Carmine Spada and Bernie Swartz began hoarding US dollars and gold coins from the profits in their Cuban casino and call girl operations. It all ended for the two men on January 1, 1959 when Fidel Castro and his brother Raul took over the
country and closed all the casinos. That same day, Carmine and Bernie left from the Isle of Pines, taking a lot of money with them but leaving behind a fortune in a sealed concrete vault. Like most Americans, they believed the communist country would revert to a capitalist economy in a few years.
As time dragged on, it became apparent that diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba were not going to be restored anytime soon. Realizing they would probably never see Cuba again, Carmine and Bernie drafted an unusual will, leaving the hidden money to the survivors of the two families once the
American flag went back up on the US embassy. When that finally occurred, fifty-seven years had passed and each man had only one heir left to find the money and bring it home. Gina Spada, Carmine’s great-granddaughter, and Eli Swartz, great-grandson of Bernie Swartz, haven’t seen each other since they were toddlers. Now college students, they fall for each other immediately and set out for the adventure of a lifetime. They soon realize they may need an army to assist them in locating the fortune since many island locals have heard about the stash and are going after it themselves. Once people learn that relatives of Bernie and Carmine are snooping around, guns emerge from their hiding places, and the island becomes a war zone.

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