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Book Review : Math Formulas and Tables

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  • Publication Date: 2010-01-01
  • Genre: Study Aids
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Book Review

Students and research workers in mathematics, physics, engineering and other sciences will find this compilation of more than 4,000 mathematical formulas and tables invaluable. All the information included is practical, rarely used results are excluded. Topics range from elementary to advanced - from algebra, trigonometry and calculus to linear algebra and statistics. Great care has been taken to present all results concisely and clearly. Excellent to keep as a handy reference! If you don't have a lot of time but want to excel in class, this book helps you: -Brush up before tests -Find answers fast -Learn key formulas and tables -Study quickly and more effectively Inside this guide, you will find: -More than 4,000 formulas and tables -Clear and concise explanations of all results -Formulas and tables for elementary to advanced topics -Complete index to all topics -Algebraic formulas -Trigonometric formulas -Geometric formulas -Linear Algebra formulas -Calculus formulas -Statistical formulas -Table of Derivatives -Table of Integrals -Table of Mathematical Symbols

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    By MobileReference
    Dear PETN, Our tests confirmed that when the book is launched on the iPhone immediately after the purchase, the book launch is sometimes delayed. (The book launch on iPad was never affected). However once the book is opened, scrolling, searching and hyperlinks work as fast as in any other book. It is only the book loading that is initially slow on the iPhone. If you experience this problem, please be patient. If the book does not open after two minutes, please click any button on the screen (for example the store button), then click the library button, and click on the “Math Formulas” book again. We have tested the “Math Formulas” book launch on multiple iPhones and the book always launched successfully. The average launch delay was 5 seconds (excluding the initial delay). The initial delay was often over a minute. On the bright side, once you open the book, you have access to over 4,000 formulas and tables. -MobileReference
  • Easy!

    By Grebnoff
    My son is doing so much better because of this great book! Thank you.