Build and Generate Your Own Power by Adam Clayton

Book Review : Build and Generate Your Own Power

By Adam Clayton

  • Publication Date: 2011-05-11
  • Genre: Lifestyle & Home

Book Review

Build your own power source? …It sounds a little nuts, and maybe even impossible, but it's nowhere close. In this book, I'll you’ll learn how to: - Build your own solar or wind power generator by following easy, simple, "any kid could understand it" instructions - Slash your monthly home electric bill by 80%...or maybe even eliminate it entirely - Go completely off "the grid" so rising power costs will never bother you again Even better, you’ll learn how to do it for less than $200...even if you're not a mechanical genius or a propeller head engineering geek. It's literally easy for anybody to do and you can get some of the parts for free. This book shows you how by harnessing free energy that’s currently all around you right now: Sunlight and Wind. Energy is electrons. You get those from batteries, or through wires running from the electric company to your house. Those flowing electrons are an electric current, and that's what you send to your light bulbs when you flip the switch... or to your laptop to charge it up... or to your electric cooling system to turn on your air conditioner. What most people don't know is that it really doesn't matter where you get your electrons. Your local power company sells them, but you don't have to buy from those guys! All you need to do is find yourself a cheaper electron source. And, this is where sunlight and wind comes into the picture. This book will show you, step-by-step, exactly how to build your own solar panels or windmills (you can choose which one works best for you, or use both) to generate power for your house. Most people assume this technology is complicated. It's really not. You don't need a PhD to understand this stuff. In fact, if somebody explains it to you, and gives you a plan to follow, it's as easy to do as assembling a piece of ready-made furniture. Here's a small sample of what’s inside this book: - The "practical science" behind solar and wind power. - You'll save hundreds of dollars a month and thousands a year. - The instructions are so easy and shockingly simple to do. The step-by-step instructions and diagrams make it a snap to build everything you need and hook it up pronto. You don't need a college degree, and you don't even have to be particularly "handy". - When you generate surplus energy... the power company will pay you! That's not a typo. When you put power back on the grid, after you've used all you want, the power company (in most areas) will pay you for that. In other words, your home power system can be another source of income for you! -You'll discover where to find the cheapest parts and materials. You can get everything you need for less than $200. This book will show you where and how. - All you need to know about the "government" stuff. When you make improvements to your house, the government wants to be sure you're following the rules. This book will give you the confidence that you've done it all right... and reveal some government rebates you can get for doing this. - You're going to have a professional grade system when you're done. It’s going to show you how to build a power system that not only works like magic, but also looks great and complements your home. - Want to go completely "off-grid"? If you aren't drawing ANY power from the power company, you're essentially off-grid. That means rising energy costs won't even enter your mind. This guide is the only instruction manual you’ll need. It's fully illustrated and clearly laid out in plain English. When you follow these instructions, it'll be a breeze to start running your house for free and maybe even add some extra income to the deal! Don’t be a slave to raising energy costs anymore. This guide gives you everything you need to run your house for free, on just sunlight and wind…saving you thousands of dollars a!

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