Jewelry Making Secrets by Linda Ellena

Book Review : Jewelry Making Secrets

By Linda Ellena

  • Publication Date: 2011-07-19
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies

Book Review

Discover the Top Jewelry Making Secrets!

Linda Ellena, an accomplished and renowned jewelry maker with 14 (rock solid) years experience, reveals how to make world class jewelry in this priceless blueprint… This step-by-step guide exposes the intricate techniques & secrets of a few jewelry-making gurus!

Everything you have ever wanted to know about jewelry making is right here at your finger tips. Read on to Learn exactly how to become the next master jewelry maker.

This guide will explain the whole jewelry making process and show you exactly how to create your own home based jewelry business, with proven tips, tools and tactics for you to get started building your home based business today.

Here is what you will discover inside...

★ Step-by-Step instructions on how to make exquisite and attractive jewelry that will sell anywhere, anytime. You will also learn the insider secrets.
★ How to expertly decorate your jewelry and make them look attractive and stunning. You will learn the fundamentals of jewelry decoration that have been around for thousands of years… The interesting part is that this guide will show you how to combine the modern and ancient decorating techniques to make your jewelry look even more elegant.
★ How to establish yourself as a master jewelry expert. You will learn how to crush your competition and establish yourself as the leading expert in the industry.
★ How to get your pieces sold for the best price. I will give you expert advice on how to sell your jewelry at extremely good prices and without having to break your bank account advertising.
★ How to determine which jewelry pieces to design and make. This is probably the hardest part for any amateur jewelry maker. Fortunately I will give you time-tested and proven advice on how to decide on the pieces to make without wasting a single cent on a piece that won't sell.
★ Hot Jewelry making Secrets and Tricks that made me indispensible—that's right; I will let you in on some of my most prized SECRETS that I have learnt & practiced over the past 14 years… Yes, they will all be at your finger tips!
★ and much, Much More!

This is the most comprehensively written, accurate, and fool-proof blueprint on how to turn yourself into an expert jewelry maker, all from the comfort of your home. You are literally sitting on a gold mine.

So stop wasting time contemplating on what to do! And start making jewelry and rake in lots of money!

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User Reviews

  • Not what you think

    By dangergrl0
    I have been working in the jewelry business for over 6 years, not making jewelry, but more in components. This book was a huge disappointment. It doesn't teach you any secrets or full of amazing information that you have to know. Too bad, you can't return iBooks.