The Shallows by Laura May

Book Review : The Shallows

By Laura May

  • Publication Date: 2011-06-14
  • Genre: Psychology

Book Review


“Poetry, for me, is so expressive. When I was struggling through my teens, not knowing what was wrong with me, not understanding the mental health system, poetry came naturally. Now, I’m in my twenties and my first collection is being published, and it still seems so surreal that this lifeline has become more than just my own personal release.” – Laura May

In turns haunting, tender, humorous and shocking, this compilation of work from Laura May, a young woman tackling Bipolar Disorder, is a genuine collection of thoughts expressed through poetry

About the Author

Born in 1983, Laura May was always ‘different’. In 2008, after ten years of being treated for depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies, she was diagnosed with rapid cycling Bipolar Disorder. Over the past eleven years Laura May has experienced psychotic episodes, has attempted suicide and has had several bouts of extreme mania and depression, all of which she has tackled through her writing. Laura works full time, and possesses a degree in English Literature from the University of Hull. She lives in Essex with her wife and their ‘babies’, the many cats and dogs.

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