The Crater by David D. Holt

Book Review : The Crater

By David D. Holt

  • Publication Date: 2005-02-25
  • Genre: Horror

Book Review

       A huge sink hole forms in the Ocala National Forest, one that is so deep and more than a mile down; briefly opens a doorway of a pre-historic world, to our world, allowing the worlds most ferocious predator to escape into our world.  Paleontologist James King, who is sent to the crater, finds a discovery that will change the world of paleontology forever as the death toll mounts as attacks take place first from the Croaker Hole, then Sunset Landing to Willow Cove all on the .  Along with Dr. King, Dr. Saddler joins the team, bringing the sensitive GSAN data and technology which in turn is being sought by a secret military government research facility from deep inside a mountain. 

    Mr. Robards, an eccentric fossil collector, offers an outrageous reward for the capture of the prehistoric predator which is blatantly monopolized by the press and a greedy general who will stop at nothing to collect the reward.  Major Holt, (an aid and second in command with General Rhodes of the government research facility referred to as the W.A.R.), assists the group with a special weapon stemming from Dr. Saddlers GSAN technology whom he tries to track down and attempt to capture or kill the vicious predator.  Everyone in the group understands that no place and no one are safe as long as the creature is stalking the rivers surrounding this tiny secluded community called Welaka.

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