Grunts by Mary Gentle

Book Review : Grunts

By Mary Gentle

  • Publication Date: 1995-08-01
  • Genre: Fantasy

Book Review

An orc is a fireplug of a fighting machine made of muscle, hide, talon, and tusk, with a villainous disposition and a mean sense of humor. And, of course, an orc is a poor dumb grunt—the much abused foot soldier in the Horde of Darkness.

The usual last battle of Good against Evil is about to begin, and Orc Captain Ashnak and his war band know exactly what to expect. The forces of Light are outnumbered, full of headstrong heroes devoid of tactics, but the Light's still going to win. Orcs will die by the thousands, and no one cares. Not even the Nameless Necromancer who hired them...

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User Reviews

  • Enjoyable and exciting new story telling in high fantasy

    By Guadior
    I loved how this book starts from the view, not of the reluctant heroes, but from the oppressed and lowly orcs. But these orcs are not just content with being cannon fodder for the eventual win of the Light over Dark and start on an adventure to prove orcs are the best. I love this book and the author's world building and shaping of the lowly orcs to what they fight to become. I recommend this book for anyone loving fantasy and with a desire to try another point of view. Parents will want to read through this first, though. I am hoping that an Audiobook is forthcoming so I can listen to this book on the go again and again.