Mercy by Thabi Majabula

Book Review : Mercy

By Thabi Majabula

  • Publication Date: 2012-11-13
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Review

Mercy has heard rumours about her husband and another woman, and gets them in the same room to confront them. After the confrontation, she has her husband arrested for assault. She feels guilty about it, but she does not change her mind.

When he gets bail, he calls his family and hers to try and get her to do as he likes, but everyone leaves once she makes an announcement. He does not believe her, until she asks him what lying would get her.

She files for divorce, then her lawyer tells her that the divorce will be in court in a short while, which is totally unexpected.
Against the divorce, her husband takes their youngest child from Mercy. She is distraught, and reports her child kidnapped, then her child is returned.

The divorce is granted.

Unexpectedly, Mercy meets her former husband’s boss and he suggests a renegotiation of his relationship with her. She refuses, then, for the sake of her child, she agrees, but he says that is not good enough. She agrees to things on his terms, and discovers that they are not half bad.

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