I'm No Angel by Kylie Bisutti

Book Review : I'm No Angel

By Kylie Bisutti

  • Publication Date: 2013-05-14
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 41 Ratings)

Book Review

In December 2011, 21-year-old Victoria’s Secret Runway Angel Kylie Bisutti stunned the fashion industry when she chose faith over fame and fortune and made the switch from supermodel to role model.

In I’m No Angel, Kylie shares her story—from her early years as she struggled to make it big in the cutthroat world of modeling, to her “big break” winning the Victoria’s Secret Runway Angel competition, to the disillusionment and spiritual warfare that followed. After finally realizing that she could no longer reconcile her career with her Christian beliefs, she surrendered her life to God and dedicated her life to preaching a message of modesty and inner beauty.

Along the way, Kylie talks about her personal struggles with inadequacy, low self-esteem, and her near-constant quest for approval in a world where you can never be thin enough, pretty enough, or sexy enough. She helps readers understand that true beauty lies within and that real fulfillment comes from knowing, loving, and serving Christ.

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User Reviews

  • Inspiring

    By Qscgyhn
    Demonstrates her journey to self beauty and worth in Gods eyes
  • Outstanding!!!!!!

    By Pink Nation Lover🎀💜
    This book is my favorite book ever! When I grow up, I told myself, I want to be a model! But after I read this book I had second thoughts! Some stylists straighten your hair, leaving it in too long and next thing you know it fried your hair! That's not the only thing... Read the book it's amazing!

    By LaraVictoriasSecret
    This book is great! So inspirational. Tho I still wanna be a Victoria's Secret angel. The only bad thing was cause she was never an angel for vs, she just walked one show. I still like it tho.
  • Proverbs 31 wife

    By Changed by this book :-)
    This book was so amazing... I have really had to take a deep look into my own heart and examine it. I have been married (happily) for almost 5 years now striving to be a 31 wife, but also haunted by my past & all kinds of other tainted expectations & desires to be attractive. Thank you Kylie for sharing your story...I for one have been challenged & changed by your book.
  • I LOVE IT!!

    By LibbyCamp
    Read it and I was amazed!! There's so much about the modeling industry that I didn't know. ANd for the user below me, Gwenyth D, do not listen to her. It's important to look at the whole picture, not just one little part. You can't see everything in a picture when all you have is one piece. Kylie has done a very respectful thing that most women have not and I respect her. I'm a very strong christian and this book is very inspirational. I'd recommend it to any girl who needs to see that she is beautiful no matter what. IF you do not think you are beautiful, then read this book :)
  • This Black Girls Says

    By KlassicalPearl
    I'm 22 years old and I enjoyed this book. It's good for middle school aged girls and up. This book is motivation for women/girls of any age/race to get right with God! It doesn't promise a life full of bliss, challenges are sure to come; however, this book reassures us that God it in control at all times. As a young girl, I too struggled with weight and self image and I learned that I am beautiful and smart (as I just finished my first year of grad school). We need more books that inspire us to be our best as Christians. A good summer read!
  • ?

    By Gwenyth D.
    I don't know why she named the book the way that she did. She was never an actual Victoria's Secret model. She won a contest that allowed her to take several pictures for the catalog and walk down ONE runaway show. Plus, it's Victoria's Secret! You're going to be modeling lingerie...did she expect photo shoots to be about puppies and rainbows? Good thing I only read the sample.
  • Amazing

    By Running swiftly
    Such a beautiful story and testimony! As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder I resonated with this story a lot. I hope one day women of all ages will learn and know that beauty comes from within and that we are all perfect because we are made in the image of God. Great read.