Beyond The Luna by Joaquim Silva

Book Review : Beyond The Luna

By Joaquim Silva

  • Publication Date: 2013-05-25
  • Genre: Epic
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 34 Ratings)

Book Review

Luis dreams of becoming an astronaut. Unfortunately, his mean spirited parents don't think the same way. But everything changes when he is lured by a strange moonlight, whisking him to the parallel world, Adastra. However a hideous curse has befell the land, the stars no longer twinkle and the moon is broken. After a young girl saves his life, she explains a dark evil awaits them if the moon isn't restored. Tormented by a dark shadow, Luis embarks on a danger filled quest to solve the mystery, but the deeper Luis searches, the more he becomes convinced...a great destiny awaits him. 

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User Reviews

  • Beyond the Luna

    By Odetojoy
    I've read many an edited book that still had errors, so if you let the negative review stop you from checking this book out you will miss a nice fast paced fantasy story.
  • Interesting Concept, Poorly Written

    By Solvaygirl
    I did not get past 50 pages of this book. Though the basic idea was intriguing, it quickly became obvious that no one besides the author had read the manuscript before he decided to self-publish. I started highlighting simple errors--everything from misplaced punctuation to incorrect words, basic copyedit stuff. I didn't have a simple way to mark all of the awkward phrases or confusing dialogue, but you get the picture. I love that the digital age makes it easy for an author to get their work out to the public without having to go through a big publisher, but I'd prefer if indie authors understood a bit more about the craft of writing before hitting "upload." If an author can't afford to hire an editor, then at least see if they can find a college student to review their text. Readers do not want to stumble over bad grammar, and poorly written text. I kept hoping it would get better, but there were just too many errors that it screamed amateur to me.
  • Beyond the Luna

    By B.jiron
    Very cute book. Nice short read.