The Sky Ghost by Mack Maloney

Book Review : The Sky Ghost

By Mack Maloney

  • Publication Date: 2013-06-18
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers

Book Review

After a final act of heroism, the Wingman lands in another dimension, where the Second World War is still raging more than five decades later
After surviving years of nuclear warfare, mankind found itself facing a new, unimaginable threat: a comet headed directly for Earth. Once again, Hawk Hunter, the world’s greatest fighter pilot, was determined to rescue the human race. But this would be the last time. On a suicide mission, he flew headfirst into the comet, diverting its path, sparing the planet, and knocking himself into another universe altogether. He comes to in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where he’s picked up by a US Navy cruiser whose size boggles the imagination. It’s 1997, and the United States is locked in a struggle with Nazi Germany that has lasted more than fifty years. America’s resolve is fading, and her citizens need a hero to end this terrible war once and for all. And Hunter will prove that no matter what the year, no matter what the dimension, he is the finest hero on Earth. The Sky Ghost is the fourteenth book of the Wingman series, which also includes Wingman and The Circle War.
“The best high-action thriller writer out there today, bar none.” —Jon Land, creator of the Caitlin Strong series “Desperate, raw, 200-proof action . . . Mack Maloney writes it . . . sizzling hot.” —Stephen Coonts, author of the Deep Black series, on Operation Sea Ghost “A thrill ride. You’d better be strapped in.” —David Hagberg, author of the Kirk McGarvey novels, on Operation Sea Ghost
Mack Maloney is the author of numerous fiction series, including Wingman, Chopper Ops, Starhawk, and Pirate Hunters, as well as UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn’t Want You to Know. A native Bostonian, Maloney received a bachelor of science degree in journalism at Suffolk University and a master of arts degree in film at Emerson College. He is the host of a national radio show, Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files.

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User Reviews

  • Won't down load to my IPAD

    By Chuck4000
    I Cannot get the book to down load to my iPad. Have had no problems down loading any other books just this one.