Artifact by Shane Lindemoen

Book Review : Artifact

By Shane Lindemoen

  • Publication Date: 2013-08-01
  • Genre: Science Fiction

Book Review

When a mining detachment on Mars discovers an ancient device three miles below the surface, physicist Lance Kattar is brought in with a crew of scientists to examine it. The implication that the object was left behind by a long lost civilization captures his imagination, so he jumps at the opportunity to take part in what he believes will be the most important discovery in human history. 

The moment he interacts with it, however, Lance triggers a series of cataclysmic events that threaten the fabric of existence. What follows is Lance’s desperate race to unravel the mystery of the ancient artifact from Mars, before it collapses into a singularity of world-ending possibilities.

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User Reviews

  • Be very wary of poor conception

    By ANW
    This had such promise at the outset, but it all fell apart in the failed middle 200 pages, with flimsily rendered tropes of monsters and zombies and endless blood and guts and violence, and overloads of hyper conceptualized crap in claustrophobic domains whose big ideas are hung on skeletal sentences that cannot stay focused or express any kind of eloquence - until the last few pages where salvage is attempted but fails. Avoid. I am heading back to James Corey and Iain Banks who at least understand prose grace cadence and architecture with big ideas bravely eloquently and consistently developed. Read this maybe to see the utter contrasting opposite.