Waiting For Justice by Dennis Whelan

Book Review : Waiting For Justice

By Dennis Whelan

  • Publication Date: 2013-11-22
  • Genre: United States

Book Review

This book examines the first 100 years of congressional resolutions and acts that defined the American way of compensating those who became disabled fighting our wars. It does so by following in the footsteps of William Henry Glasson, the early 20th Century historian whose 1918 work Federal Military Pensions in the United States has never been superseded. But it also provides a continuity of treatment and richness of detail that Glasson was unable to provide in a work whose scope is so wide.

Many American military veterans will tell you that our current system of compensating service connected disability is broken. They point to an unprecedented backlog of claims and an appeal process that delays justice.

The system was designed by Congress over a period of almost 240 years. Veterans’ advocates often discuss its failures without having a sound understanding of the circumstances under which it evolved or how its current design contributes to the obstacles confronting those who must administer it. The topic is too important for unsupported statements and conclusions. That is why the end notes of this book are as important as what comes before, and why the descriptions of the resolutions and acts are as detailed as the author has made them.

The author offers no conclusions or opinions. What he hopes to offer with this book is an opportunity for you to form your own.

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