The Magpye: Circus by Chris Lynch

Book Review : The Magpye: Circus

By Chris Lynch

  • Publication Date: 2013-12-06
  • Genre: Graphic Novels

Book Review

An occult crime thriller, "The Magpye: Circus" has ghosts, magicians, witches, crimelords, and dirty cops all vying for control of "The City".

Trapped in the middle of this blood-soaked battle is Able Quirk, the dead son of a circus psychic who has been reborn with the power to speak to the dead. All he has to do is eat their corpses...

With an army of vengeful spirits in his head that he struggles to control, Able is plunged headlong into a world of crime, corruption, and the power of the occult as he dons the mantle of "The Magpye", a dangerous vigilante persona that embodies the very worst of some of the ghosts trapped in Able's head.

Struggling to piece together his own memories, Able must solve the mystery of why his circus home was razed to the ground by the all-powerful King crime family, whilst also trying it dismantle their criminal empire.

Able's only help comes from Marv, a Vegas stage magician with real magical powers, and Marissa, Marv's mysterious and ethereal daughter. Both have secrets of their own, however... secrets that will derail Able's quest for revenge against the Kings completely...

From the mind of critically acclaimed comic writer Chris Lynch (The Dark, Monkeys with Machineguns, The Hammer of Time) comes a story, and a hero, like no other!

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User Reviews

  • Good

    By 😸😻(cat lover)
    If you interested in ghosts, crime lords , magicians,and witches, this is for you. I don't really like that stuff, but I love the book.