Riot by Dr. Rollan Roberts II

Book Review : Riot

By Dr. Rollan Roberts II

  • Publication Date: 2014-03-01
  • Genre: Economics

Book Review

What causes more leaders to fail than any other single factor? What is keeping you from creating hyper-growth organizations? How do you break out of corporate death spirals? How do you create a high growth company?
Dr. Rollan Roberts II dynamically illustrates what it takes to be a great leader in an ultra-competitive global marketplace in Riot. In his powerful, hard-hitting, and straightforward manner, Dr. Roberts gives 12 secrets of great leaders, 4 ways to make a corporate comeback, and the 7 steps to better decision-making in Riot. You will learn the 7 things your employees wish you knew, and how to become a 4-season leader. Riot covers issues like hiring, firing, promoting, demoting, recruiting, networking, poor performance, and motivating staff. Dr. Roberts provides a CEO perspective on Sales, Operations, Marketing, Customer Service, IT, and HR.
Riot is unlike any other leadership book you will ever read as it is filled with stories that will inspire you to take action on becoming a world-class leader. This thrilling book provides clear, practical guidance and direction for leaders to double and triple revenue in short periods of time.
You will discover the following in Riot:
- How to Master the Paradox of Leadership
-The Most Effective Style of Leadership
- 7 Steps to Making Better Decisions
-4 Ways to Make a Corporate Comeback
- 7 Things Your Employees Want You to Hear - but will not tell you
- 12 Secrets of Great Leaders.
Here's what Joe Scarborough, Former Congressman and Host of Morning Joe on MSNBC had to say about Riot: "Rollan has encapsulated time tested principles as more than mere reflectiona nd platitudes, but as executable truisms to guide our current and future leaders."

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