City Escape by Theresa Shaver

Book Review : City Escape

By Theresa Shaver

  • Publication Date: 2014-04-01
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
5 Score: 5 (From 14 Ratings)

Book Review

Book 4 in the Stranded Series

Five went by Land and Five went by Sea. The rest stayed in the City...this is their story.

Mrs. Moore knew that leaving the city was the best chance that she and her students had to survive the EMP pulse but when half of her charges refuse to leave she knows she has to stay and try and protect them. Fighting against time and the people in her group that refuse to face the reality of their situation will be a huge challenge. Even after finding a safe haven to wait out the destruction and chaos, they are threatened and have to flee for their lives.

With her group's numbers lessening at every turn she must lead them on the 1500 mile journey back to Canada. Their path will show them the best and worst of the new world. Facing the dangers of other survivors, rampant wild life and shrinking supplies, they must travel through a world tossed back in time. Will her survivalist knowledge and determination be enough to get her students home?

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User Reviews

  • City Escape A Stranded Novel

    By Hannah2014RIP
    Great book but not much depth to the characters
  • Great book.

    By 
    Hard to put down.
  • What happened to the ending?

    By Illraceu
    I love this series.... But the way this one ended was disappointing! It was just a summary!!!! What a rip off.