Ambition by P.A. Wilson

Book Review : Ambition

By P.A. Wilson

  • Publication Date: 2014-08-09
  • Genre: Women Sleuths

Book Review

How far would you go to prove a friend innocent of murder?

When she barges into a crime scene, Charity Deacon discovers a friend in handcuffs. She knows the police have it wrong and vows to find the killer before Val is dragged off to prison.

The investigation is complicated by petty jealousy and rumors. There are too many clues, too many suspects, and a client who resists her help.

If you love stories where you don’t know who to trust, you’ll enjoy the third book in the Charity Deacon investigations.

Grab a copy of this crime thriller today and join Charity in her battle for justice.


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User Reviews

  • Ambition

    By FbShel
    I loved the Charity books I've read, great characters. I'm looking forward to more! Thank you!!