Rebel by Edward W. Robertson

Book Review : Rebel

By Edward W. Robertson

  • Publication Date: 2014-11-10
  • Genre: Science Fiction

Book Review

In the early 21st century, an alien attack drove humanity to the brink of extinction. A thousand years after their defeat, the aliens haven't been seen since.

Rada Pence has spent the last three years driving carts for an independent mining crew. Most likely, that's how she'll die, too. Then, deep beneath the ice of a Neptune moon, her crew discovers a long-lost ship. If it's from Earth's first space age, it would be worth millions.

When they dig down to it, they discover it's not human—it's alien. The discovery is priceless. But as they extract it from the ice, pirates slaughter the mining crew and steal the vessel.

Left for dead, Rada vows to reclaim the ship and avenge her friends. But before that, she'll have to escape the moon—and she has mere hours until her air runs out.

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