Shadows by Terry Schott

Book Review : Shadows

By Terry Schott

  • Publication Date: 2015-01-08
  • Genre: Adventure
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 140 Ratings)

Book Review

Book one of a new series set in the Game is Life universe... 

Dawn belongs to a secret group of teenagers who play a cloak and dagger game on their cell phones. 

Her world is turned upside down when the players' actions begin to affect reality, and not in good ways...

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User Reviews

  • So good!

    By Bkgtown
    Have read a couple times already!
  • Awesome Book

    By DawsonDeChamp
    Absolutely Amazing
  • Waste of money

    By 160th
    I was reading the game is life series... This came up as the next book. Completely unrelated. I honestly can't even believe is the same writer. Dialogue is so juvenile the plot is slow and now what I was hoping for at all. I don't understand who the worrying itself, i.e. Narration, scene set up, descriptions and dialogue are SOOOO terrible. It's like this was written by a clueless ghost writer.
  • Slow start but great

    By Brandon Thaggard
    It had a slow start. A lot of detail and pre story to tell before the story got interesting. I have to say I felt I knew the ending and I was pretty accurate until the last chapter. As always, he threw a curve ball! A must read
  • Outstanding book. Always pushes my perceptions

    By Lasombrs
    I love all the books I have read so far by Terry Schott. I enjoyed seeing a few characters from the game in this story. It's a very interesting idea on how he world is run behind the scenes and introduces a new "game" idea. I love how he writes about sci-fi ideas in a way that makes you question how really fictional it might be. I frequently find myself wondering if we are all in fact part of any or all of these stories. Although not directly related to the game series it's a great tie in. I highly recommend reading this story after reading at least book 1 of The Game.
  • " Shadows" - 5+++ stars!

    By Gd147
    Terry Schott continues to be my favorite author. "Shadows" is a must read for all gamers. I cannot wait to see where this story evolves!

    By XxL1tK1d420$w@gxX
  • Uh... More please!

    By iKeyoh
    So after i finished the game series, Or whats out atm, i was sad. That series had me reading every chance i got. Figured anything he puts oit is worth reading and wow this book stunned me! I love place and time its set! I always wanted to know more about Mr Thorne, and this is a great way to do it. Plus this book led me to "Ingress" a game very similiar to shepards that i now find myself playing every chance i get! People often ask me what "shearing" is when im playing ingress with friends and all i can do is laugh and say "read the books" starting from the game!
  • Amazing

    By Dam na7ion
    It was amazing and I can't wait for the next
  • Not very exciting like the game series

    By Ksdfbdskvbkus
    I bought this book for $5 and expecting it to be based off of the game series and be very exciting, but instead what I found was Sampson Thorne in it- which is kind of confusing because this book is not related to the game series- and this book is very boring. I could not get into it and keep reading like I could with the game series. What makes it a little boring is that the game SHEPERDS is just a game where you tap buttons on a screen and you would make the salary that the average person would make. It is just not the story I hoped it would be. And I also want to know when the 6th game series book will come out. We readers were left on a huge cliff hanger there that is exciting.