Reject Rejection by Marnake P. Clark

Book Review : Reject Rejection

By Marnake P. Clark

  • Publication Date: 2015-01-06
  • Genre: Spirituality

Book Review

March in the Liberty of Redemption!

Jesus has come that you might have an abundant, rich and satisfying life. Inclusive of an abundant life is knowing who you are. Through the truths of Scripture you will develop a newfound love and gratitude for yourself. Jesus paid the highest and most precious price for you by giving His life. You are so special that no one else in this entire world is exactly like you.

This book will expose Satan’s lies and present revelatory truths about God’s love and acceptance. You will realize that you are an awesome masterpiece of the Creator, and that you were created with the spectacular privilege of representing and exhibiting God in the earth.

You are a warrior of Christ (WOC), a superior champion. God has provided the victorious directives through the Operational Manual of His Word. You will march, waving the blood-stained banner of Jesus Christ in true unconditional love, healing, joy and wholeness through methods of deliverance such as: 
• Revelation of God’s love and acceptance

• Applying Christ’s Armor

• Understanding God’s grace

• Jesus’ blood of redemption 

• Forgiving your offenders

• Transforming power of God’s Word

• Learning your true identity 

• Learning to love yourself

• Intimacy with God through prayer

• Walking in the fruit of the Holy Spirit 

Marnake Clark is an anointed evangelist and teacher, passionate worshipper, intense intercessor and prayer warrior.  She is the founder of Beauty for Ashes Restoration Ministries for All Nations.  She and her husband, Darrell are founders of The Full Armor of Christ Ministries. They lead evangelistic street witnessing and conduct outdoor evangelism services in Dania Beach, FL. She graduated with her B.A. and M.A. degrees in Biblical Studies at South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary.

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