December 22, 2022


The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman

The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman

by Louise Plummer

Book Summary (from Amazon)

I’m Kate Bjorkman. I don’t like romance novels. They’re full of three-paragraph kisses describing people’s tongues and spittle. But what do you do if you’ve lived a real romance with a great-looking guy (Richard) and he loves you as much as you love him? I know what I did. I wrote this romance novel about myself, using the Romance Writer’s Phrase Book. I also used stuff my English teach taught me about writing. He said a story must have conflict. No problem there. My life was one big conflict last Christmas. I didn’t make anything up. This is the honest truth and I want truth even in romance. I’m betting you’ll want the same.

Britney’s Book Review

There are some books that I can read and reread over and over again. I’m a strong believer that books can be a comfort blanket of sorts- bringing a nice feeling of “home” or a happy memory. Characters and places in books and stories are like extended family members and friends and it’s nice to run into them again. And when it comes to certain seasons, I have certain books that I like to pick up and read, even if it is for the hundredth time.

One of those books is The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman by Louise Plummer. Once the Christmas season hits, I think of Kate and her family and their very Swedish-American Christmas and the sweet romance between her and her childhood crush, Richard. It’s full of holiday cheer and always makes me want to tie on some ice skates and move somewhere that is covered in several feet of snow (very different from the Christmases here in Texas) while falling in love with an almost-too-perfect boy.

Kate is not the “perfect” girl- she’s (very) tall, legally blind when she’s not wearing her thick glasses, and has a penchant for linguistics (not a very romantic hobby) but it’s her personality and intelligence that gets the guy and that’s always nice to find a book, especially one geared for young girls.

The story has been done before but Kate is a character that is loveable and you root for her and feel empowered doing so. It’s a classic for me and I can’t wait to have my future daughter(s) read it when they are at a lost for a fun, light read.

It’s short and simple but it’s still one of my favorites. It can be read in a day and I love having it on my shelf for a quick reread. Plus, there’s nothing like a fun read to get you ready for the holiday season.

Are there any books that you can read over and over again? Or any books that you find yourself reading during the holiday season? Leave a comment and let us know!