We are thrilled to present the cover of Diane Scabilloni’s heartwarming children’s book, “The Power of Judge Naught”! With its captivating illustrations and powerful message, this book is sure to be a hit among young readers.

🔨💖 About “The Power of Judge Naught”: In this heart-felt story, Judge Naught’s mission is to capture a child’s attention and encourage them to remember the Promises of God. With the loving taps of his gavel, he helps release what does not serve the child and teaches them the transformative power of focusing on God’s Promises. Discover how embracing the Power of Judge Naught can change the way we see the world and lead us to live our best lives!

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✍️ About Diane Scabilloni: Diane Scabilloni is an inspirational children’s book author whose stories are written from the heart, helping readers recognize their personal gifts from God and live their best lives. Her books offer simple ways to align our thoughts with the Creator’s thoughts, enabling us to see the big picture for our lives and shed limited thinking. Diane believes that there are big plans for every child’s life, filled with joy, creativity, energy, fun, and ease.

Get ready to embark on a life-changing journey with Judge Naught and experience the true Power of Judge Naught! Coming soon to bookstores near you! 📖✨

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