Book Review:
Green Fire in The Night Sky by Lathish Shankar is a captivating science fiction short story that follows the journey of a girl who finds herself lost in the wilderness of Alaska, in the United States, following an accident that left her with no memory of her identity. As she struggles to understand who she is and where she belongs, she comes across a mysterious stranger named Waldo, who promises to guide and help her.

Just as the bewildered girl starts to build a connection with her new companion, she is picked up by Scarlett, a woman in a car who takes her to a grand mansion. With no recollection of her past and no clue about these strangers, the girl finds herself spending the night in the luxurious abode, her fate intertwined with these two enigmatic individuals.

As the story unfolds, the breathtaking phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis awakens in her a sense of connection with her past and identity. The dancing polar lights in the night sky seem to hold the keys to her existence and lead her on a path of self-discovery.

The gripping narrative gradually unravels the truth about the girl’s identity, the real intentions of the strangers, and the peculiar events that transpire in the mysterious mansion. Readers are left wondering about who is following the girl and their motives, as they delve deeper into this extraordinary tale.

Brimming with suspense and intrigue, Green Fire in The Night Sky is a spellbinding science fiction tale that will hook readers from the very beginning and leave them pondering the significance of the majestic natural wonders and the hidden secrets that lie within our world. Read more about Green Fire In The Night Sky on Amazon>>